Fully Automated Processing of Sample Preparation

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Fully Automated Processing of Sample Preparation According to ASU L00.00-34 with FREESTYLE GPC, SPE and EVA From Apple to Strawberries to Rocket
Dear Mr. Vind, With warm weather, the strawberry season begins. However, the enthusiasm for the juicy, red fruits is dampened when you know that 98% of the strawberries are contaminated with pesticides and other pollutants (Pesticide Atlas 2022). Ideally, an analytical result is available before the strawberries are consumed. The automation with the LCTech FREESTYLE system helps to accelerate investigations and to fortify them with reliable results. The highly automated FREESTYLE system offers a very high degree of automation for clean-up by solid phase extraction or gel permeation chromatography with subsequent evaporation and, if required, unmatched flexibility. The FREESTYLE modules can be used individually or in combination at any time – also for the multi-method ASU L00.00-34. The following processings of samples are possible without any interruption:
EVAporation GPC EVAporation SPE EVAporation (E-G-E-S-E) GPC EVAporation SPE EVAporation (G-E-S-E) The required modules are simply linked to each other in the software.

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