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Liste over udsendte applikationer.

Amino Acid Analyzer – Comparison

Sykam GmbH produces both, HPLC system with pre-column derivatization for amino acid determination and the S433 Amino Acid Analyzer with post-column derivatization. We strongly recommend the dedicated Amino Acid Analyzer for Feedstuff/Foodstuff and clinical analysis of amino acids. https://polygen.eu/produkt-kategori/instrumenter/aminosyre-analyse/  


Processed Cheese

Formulation and manufacturing process are key parameters in the sensory stability and quality (taste, odor, tecture…) of processed cheese. In this study, an Electronic Nose, an Electronic Tongue and an Electronic Eye were used.


Oseltamivir phosphate drug

Applikation fra Alpha MOS – udarbejdet på ASTREE (E-tongue): Oseltamivir phosphate drug: Taste masking study


Dairy protein hydrolysate

Applikation fra Alpha MOS – udarbejdet på ASTREE (E-tongue): Dairy protein hydrolysate: Bitterness masking



Applikation fra Alpha MOS – udarbejdet på ASTREE (E-tongue): Honey: Botanical origin identification and quality detemination



Applikation fra Alpha MOS – udarbejdet på HERACLES (E-nose): Cinnamon: Efficiency of several encapsulated formulation


Espresso Coffee

Applikation fra Alpha MOS – udarbejdet på HERACLES (E-nose): Espresso: Aromatic profile based on grinding grade & extraction time


Origin of extra virgin olive oils

Rapid direct analysis to discriminate geographic origin of extra virgin olive oils by flash gas chromatography electronic nose and chemometrics a b s t r a c t At present, the geographical origin of extra virgin olive oils can be ensured by documented traceability, although chemical analysis may add information that is useful for possible confirmation. This preliminary study investigated the effectiveness of flash gas chromatography electronic nose and multivariate data analysis to perform rapid screening of commercial extra virgin olive oils characterized by a different geographical origin declared in the label. A comparison with solid phase micro extraction coupled to gas chromatography mass spectrometry was also performed. The new method is suitable to verify the geographic origin of extra virgin olive oils based on principal components analysis and discriminant analysis applied to the volatile profile of the headspace as a fingerprint. The selected variables were suitable in discriminating between ‘‘100% Italian” and ‘‘non-100% Italian” oils. Partial least squares discriminant analysis also allowed prediction of the degree of membership of unknown samples to the classes examined. 2016 Published by Elsevier Ltd.


Rice Snacks off-flavors

Fra vores leverandør af HERACLES – E-næse – har vi modtaget en analyse af Rice Snacks Off-Flavors. Analysen er også foretaget på vores software og databaseprogram AroChemBase. 10037-Rice-Snacks-Off-Flavors


Spices & Herbs Analyzer

As natural ingredients, the sensory quality of spices and culinary herbs is strongly influenced by the origin, the growing and harvest conditions, and can thus vary a lot. In addition, the increasing success of these ingredients opens the door to potential fraud and adulteration. To ensure the safety, quality and authenticity of such products, industrials need objective and efficient testing methods. Alpha MOS Analyzers provide fast and flexible solutions for manufacturers and food industrials to evaluate the chemical and sensory properties of herbs and spices.


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