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After this year’s extreme weather conditions, mycotoxin contamination in many parts of Europe has increased strongly in the 2021 harvest. According to the renowned annual study by BIOMIN Holding GmbH, e.g. in the period June – September 2021, in Germany 46 % of wheat samples were contaminated with ZEN and 81 % with DON, and throughout Europe 40 % with ZEN and 54 % with DON.


Besides the severe health risk of mycotoxin-contaminated food, the economic damage amounts to several million euros annually. Therefore, it is essential to be able to detect even the smallest amounts of toxins. Dedicated columns from LCTech are excellent to establish a reliable routine analysis and, if desired, an automated sample preparation from LCTech will support you:



  •  3 mL SPE format and therefore no special storage requirements
  • no limitation of toxin capacity, up to 4 g matrix can be loaded
  • compared to IAC column, DONeX is suitable for DON and NIV, AcDON and Glc-DON at the same time
  • clean-up of extracts allows a shorter analysis time and increases the capacity of your instrumentation (3 x as fast, due to significant reduction of matrix interferences)
  • high sensitivity, that allows quantification even with the need for less internal standard
  • suitable for manual and fully automated processing



  • only 3 cm in size, allows miniaturisation of the process and thus savings up to 80 % in solvents and process times
  • stored dry at 8 – 30 °C up to 12 months
  • loading capacity: 2000 ng zearalenone

recovery rates: > 90 %

suitable for manual and fully automated processing


Exemplary results of these columns were shown in our application library “Matrix of the Month” March 2019 and January 2017.


Numerous additional immunoaffinity and SPE based clean-up columns from LCTech are available for clean-up of analytes in food and feed samples. Single- and multitoxin versions likewise. Please see the attached overview for the complete product range.


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