ASTM D70 Tester

Varenummer: 00T0671-d70


ASTM D70 – Density of Semi-Solid Bituminous Materials

ASTM D70 – IP 190 – ISO 3838 – JIS K2265 – DIN 52 004

This test method covers the determination of the relative density and density of semi-solid bituminous materials, apshalt cements, and soft tar pitches by use of a pycnometer. The sample is placed in a calibrated pycnometer. The pycnometer and sample are weighed, then the remaining volume is filled with water. The filled pycnometer is brought to the test temperature, and weighed. The density of the sample is calculated from its mass and the mass of water displaced by the sample in the filled pycnometer. The bath has place for nine pycnometers.

The temperature range is from ambient +5 ºC to 250 ºC. On the TC16 a ridge is mounted to support the adjustable brackets for pycnometers. These brackets can be used for Hubbard or Gay-Lussac pycnometer. Each bracket can accommodate three pycnometers. Maximum three brackets can be placed in one TC16. Either a bracket for Hubbard or for Gay-Lussac pycnometers needs to be bought depending which type of pycnometer will be used. In order to work @ 15 ºC or @ 25 ºC an external TLC15-5 circulator needs to be connected.


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Vægt 31 kg
Størrelse 29.5 × 44 × 45.5 cm

1 stk.

Test Metode (ASTM)


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Test Method:
ASTM D70, IP 190, JIS K2265, ISO 3838, DIN 52 004
Bad Volume

Necessary accessories:
P/N: 13T8049 – TC16 cover for ASTM D70 / IP 189
P/N: 13T8050  – Ridge for D70 brackets
P/N: 13T8052  – Bracket for three Gay-Lussac pycnometer (one piece)
P/N: 13T8051  – Bracket for three Hubbard pycnometers (one piece)

P/N: 31T0030  – Pycnometer Gay-Lussac
P/N: 31T0031  – Pycnometer Hubbard
P/N: 00T0565  – TLC15-5 external cooling circulator
P/N: 12T1075  – Tubing with connectors and clamps – TLC15 and TC16