ASTM D849 Tester

Varenummer: 00T2915


New Apparatus to detect Corrosiveness to Copper from Aromatic Hydrocarbons conforming ASTM D849

We introduce our new apparatus for ASTM D849. This test method covers the corrosiveness of industrial aromatic hydrocarbons to a copper strip.

This test method is suitable for setting specifications for use as an internal quality control tool, and for use in development or research work on industrial aromatic hydrocarbons and related materials. It also gives an indication of the presence of certain corrosive substances which may corrode and damage equipment, such as acidic compounds or sulfur compounds.

The apparatus consists of a six position TC40 circulator bath and it is delivered with six sets of glassware (250 ml flasks and glass condensers) as standard. The cover of the TC40 has six openings, each with a lid. The TC40 is equipped with a leveling platform and two stand rods with six clamps to hold the glassware in a vertical position. The temperature range of the TC40 is from ambient +5 ºC to 250 ºC.

We can deliver all accessories (e.g. copper strip, sanding paper, silicon carbide power, multi-vice strip) for this method. Please download ASTM-D849-Specification-PDF 

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Vægt 30 kg

1 stk.

Produkt Type

Test Metode (ASTM)



Bath Temperature Accuracy (±): 0.002 º K
Maximum Temperature: 250 ºC
Minimum Temperature: Ambient
Bath Volume: 40 litre
Bath Width: 295
Bath Height: 480
Bath Opening: 6