BluePette 8-channel electronic pipette, 2-20 µl

Varenummer: B20-8-20


BluePette 8-channel electronic pipette, 2-20 µl

The BluePette electronic pipette series features an ergonomic design, protects users from the risk of strain and Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) when conducting various liquid handling tasks. Its efficient and friendly design greatly improves pipetting accuracy and performance. To meet different application needs, the BluePette comes in a wide range products offerings.

Automatic Switch-On Calibration for high accuracy and precision
Unique Force-Saving Design to reduce stress and fatigue from repetitive pipetting
360• Revolving Collar for greatest positioning comfort
9 Memory Settings to save protocol set-up time
User-Friendly interface and easy-to-operate buttons
High Capacity Lithium Battery for high stamina continuous use
5 Speeds for Aspiration Dispensing depending on liquid viscosity

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Variabel Volumen µl



8-channel BluePette electronic pipette
Volume range: 2-20 µl
Increment: 0.1 µl
Accuracy Rel. % (±): 1-4
Precision Range Rel. CV %: 0.5-2.5

Recommended for use on: ELISA 384-well plate liquid transfer, Chemical and MTT cell proliferation assay, etc.