Column Oven S 4120 – Heating/Cooling

Varenummer: S000103


Column Oven S 4120 – Heating/Cooling – +5°C – +100°C

The S 4120 Column Oven is a contact heat transfer oven for high temperature stability and accuracy. The columns are mounted inside the column oven in optimized column holder which enclose the complete column to get the best temperature transfer between the heater and the column. Up to three 350 mm columns can be mounted at the same time.

S 4120 Column Oven with active Heating/Cooling with Peltier technique. The temperatur range is +5°C – +100°C. The Heating/Cooling unit uses the same efficient controller as the basic version with temperature accuracy better than 0.1°C.

Temperature Time Program:
The Heating/Cooling variant offers an optional Temperature Time Program for stand-alone operation.


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Størrelse 183 × 566 × 270 cm

1 stk.

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Temperature range:
+5°C – +100°C
Temperature Accuracy:
< 0.1°C