Digital Refractometer – KERN ORD 45BM

Varenummer: ORD 45BM


Digital Refractometer – KERN ORD 45BM – Sugar Application

The KERN ORD refractometer are accurate and universal maintenance free digital handheld refractometers.
The typical and practical design is suitable for a quick and convenient everyday us and is characterized by its easy-using and robustness.
The large display is easy to read. Mistakes in reading are avoided.
The instrument comes with an optimized software that can show a result in different scales.

The integrated automatic temperature compensation (ATC), avoids the manual conversion of the measurement. This allows a quick and efficient usage of the instrument.

The following accessories-parts are included:
– Calibration liquid
– Pipette
– Storage box
– 2 x AAA batteries
– Leather bag
– Small screwdriver
– Cleaning tissue

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Vægt 0,210 kg
Størrelse 235 × 200 × 65 cm

1 stk.

Produkt Type



Brix Scales


Refractive Index



The following models are particularly suitable for the measurement of the “BRIX” value. They are used to determine the sugar content in food, especially in fruit, vegetable, juice and sweet or soft drinks.
Alternativly, the display can be switched to show the Refractive Index.

Measuring range:
Brix: 0-45 %
Refractive Index: 1,3330 – 1,4098 nD
Brix: ± 0,2 %
Refractive Index: ±0,0003 nD