Digital Thermometer – Short PT – -40 +20 – 3 digits

Varenummer: 19T4031


E20 Digital Contact Thermometers
with short PT – range -40 to +20ºC – 100 precision ± 0.01ºC – 3 digits

This thermometer is referred to as a Resistive Contact Thermometer (RCT) or Resistive Contact Thermometer Device (RTD). It uses a 6 point ITS 90 calibration to guarantee the precision of ± 0.01ºK over its full range. The maximum range available at this moment is minus 40ºC up to plus 140ºC

The fast response to temperature changes ensures a T63 response time of less than 3 seconds. That means that at least 63 percent of the temperature change is displayed within three seconds. This is a very important parameter. When using a thick metal PT100, it appears as though the temperature reading is stable, however this false stability is caused by the large thermal mass of the probe. This thermal mass prevents rapid temperature changes so it appears that temperature reading is stable.

This phenomenon gives a technician a false sense of temperature stability. It´s not a stable temperature but the PT100s’ thermal mass masters the temperature fluctuations which results a feeling of a having a stable temperature. In reality the dampened temperature fluctuations may result in significant error during viscosity measurement. Another disadvantage of a long response time is that it takes a very long time for the thermometer to reach the true temperature.

The thermometer consists of a stainless steel PT100 probe, a smal electronic circuit board which is placed in a plastic (ABS) housing. The PT100 probe is thermally insulated from this housing using a PTFE ring. The elctronics are powered via USB cable. The probe is designed to accommodate a wide range of voltages and frequencies.

The probe is factory calibrated for the specific range which is specified in the table. Outside this range the thermometer will display “Low” or “High”. Each thermometer comes with a calibration certificate.

USB Connectivity:
The Thermometer can be connected to a USB device to power it. Special software enables upload of calibration parameters over the USB. The Thermometer meets the following standards and regulations: CE, IEC 751, ITS 90, ASTM E644, ASTM E1137 and ASTM E2877

Part numbers:
We offer E20 thermometers with two and three decimal readout in the display and with either a short or long PT-100. Each thermometer type is available with four different temperature ranges.

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♦  Temperature range – 40 – +20ºC
♦  100 precision ± 0.01ºC
♦  Digital display with three decimal places
♦  Short probe
♦  Fast response (T63 < 3 seconds)
♦  Clear OLED display
♦  Calibrated up to ± 0.01º C over the full temperature range
♦  ºC / ºF selectable
♦  ITS 90 (International Temperature Scale)