ELISA Microplate Washer

Varenummer: ADX-120


ELISA Microplate Washer

♦ Manufactured by CTK Biotech, USA
♦ CE marked
♦ Programmable soak time, wash cycles, and dispensing volume
♦ Flexible shaking speed and plate formats
♦ Auto-clean feature and removeable manifold for easy maintenance
♦ Continuopus aspiration preventing overflow
♦ Liquid level sensor in waste bottle
♦ Contains an incubator with two timers
♦ Specially designed manifold preventing needle from scratching bottom of wells

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Vægt 10 kg
Størrelse 36 × 36 × 22 cm

1 stk.

Produkt Type

CE certifikat






Manifold: 8 way manifold autoclavable
Dispensing: Programmable up to 500µl
Aspirating Method: Continuous through diaphragm pump while dispensing to prevent overflow
Residual Volume: <2µl
Waste Bottle: One (capacity 2L) with audible alarm
Wash Bottle: One (capacity 2L)
Rinse Bottle: One (capacity 2L)
Display: 16 digit alphanumeric fluorescent
Liquid contact materials: Silicon, stainless steel, derline
Memory: 35 open channels
Washing Method: Plate wash, strip wash, bottom wash, overflow wash, rinsing, priming, disinfect
Timer: 2 individually programmable timers