FP 96-wells, 1.0 ml, GF-N 1.6 µm filter

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myPlate FP 96-wells, 1.0 ml, GF-N 1.6 µm filter, klar, for microfilter plate system – bag 5 x 5 pcs.

GF – Glasfiber filter

FP Microfilteplate System:

Microfilterplate – 8 x 12 matrix, 96 individual drip directors, 1,0 ml capacity, in accordance with SBS-Standard, equipped with corresponding filter (see filter options below) / receiver plate and vacuum manifold are separately available.
Elimination of risk of sample contamination – manufactured from absolutely clear high-quality virgin polystyrene.

Filter options:
SC – Spin Column System
FP – Microfilterplate system

Glasfiber /GF) filter characteristics – recommended for the purifications of DNA and RNA / prefiltering of dirty solutions/rapid flow rate and high particle loading capacity – SC or FP
Nylon filter characteristics – 
recommended for filtering protein-free culture media / recommended for particle removing / hydrophilic / good chemical resistance – FP
Cellulose acetate (CA) filter characteristics – very low binding affinity / recommended for application requiring low protein binding / high flow rates / very low adsorption / hydrophobic – SC or FP
Regenerated cellulose (RC) filter characteristics – suitable for particle removal  from solvents / used to ultraclean solutions / hydrophilic / very good chemical resistance – SC or FP
Polyethylene (PE) filter
characteristic – suitable for particle-removing coarse filtration / can be used both as a prefilter or as support filter in combination with other filters / hydrophobic / very good chemical resistance – SC or FP
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) filer characteristics – used in general filtration and sample preparation applications / hydrophilic / low binding affinity / broad chemical and temperature resistance / high flow rates – SC or FP

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FP 96-wells, 1.0 ml, GF-N 1.6 µm filter