myLab Vortex Mixer 2800 rpm model VT-02

Varenummer: VT-02


myLab Vortex Mixer 2800 rpm model VT-02

Usage – everyday mixing operations
Maximum Speed – adjustable up to 2800 rpm
Comfortable us – selection of different modes (touch, stand-by and continous), depending on the desired use / smooth and silent operation.
Stable operation – through inbuilt counter balance system
Multiple application – optional attachments for micro plate, micro tubes and flask / sticker for permissible speed for various attachments.
Small footprint saves valuable bench space – suitable for use in hoods in the temperature range from 5 to 40°C

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Vægt 3.0 kg
Størrelse 20.5 × 13.6 × 13.85 cm

1 stk.

Speed max (Rpm)


Produkt Type


myLab Vortex Mixer 2800 rpm model VT-02

Orbital diameter: 4 mm
Speed accuracy: ± 5.0 %
Max loading capacity: 500 g
Protection class: IP 21

Delivery package:
1 pcs. Mini Vortex Mixer 2800 rpm
1 pcs. Power supply adaptor
1 pcs. Standard cup head (pre-installed)
1 pcs. Instruction manual
1 pcs. Warranty card

7-110-01-0 Universal platform
7-110-02-0 Foam for microtubes
7-110-03-0 Foam for microplate
7-110-04-0 Rubber holder for flask