SUPREMA analytical in Water

Varenummer: SUA0830051e2


GPC column PSS SUPREMA analytical in Water

Columns for aqueous GPC/SEC separation of neutral and anionic polymers.

For PEO/PEG, Pullulan, Dextran, Poly(acrylamide), Hyaluronic acid, Poly(acryl acid), CMC a.a.

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Vægt 0,250 kg
Størrelse 40 × 13 × 6 cm
Porøsitet (Å)


Kolonne Type

Dimensioner (mm)

Particle Size (µm)



Application: Neutral and anionic polymers, (PEO, PEG, Pullulan, Dextran, Poly(acrylamide), Hyaluronic acid, Poly(acrylic acid), Carboxymethylcellulose, etc.)
Eluents: Water (with salts/buffers, MeOH, ACN) pH: 1.5 – 13
Material: Polyhydroxymethacrylate copolymer network
Maximum Pressure: 50 – 80 bar (725 – 1160 psi), depending on porosity
Maximum Temperature:  80° C
Maximum Flow Rate:  2 ml/min (I.D.: 8 mm)
Particle Size:  5 and 10 µm
Molecular Weight Range:  100 to > 30 000 000 Da