Termostatisk viskositets bad – model TV7000DC

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Termostatisk viskositets bad – model TV7000DC

Tamson thermostatic visibility bath 230V-50-60HZ, Comform ASTM D445 with a temperature range from ambient to +230ºC. Temperature stability is ±0.01 K
Bath volume is 70 litres and has a opening of 260×240 mm. There are seven openings for holding viscometers. A cooling coil to work below ambient temperature is integrated.

Test Method:
ASTM D445, ASTM D446, ASTM D2170

Other Test Methods:
IP 71-1, IP 71-2



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Vægt 70 kg

1 stk.

Max temperature (°C)


Min temperature (°C)



Termostatisk viskositets bad – model TV7000DC

♦  Completely stainless steel
♦  Conforming to ASTM D445 and D2162
♦  High precision and stability
♦  Large windows
♦  Easy to operate
♦  Drain and overflow outlet

The TV7000DC conforms to the standards ASTM D445, ISO 3104, IP 71 and DIN 51366. Our main customers for this product are National Metrological Institute (NMI). Its common purpose there is for calibration of hydrometers and temperature sensors or to produce primary viscosity standards which conform to ASTM Practice D2162.