Tube SC 0.8 ml filtertube, GF-N2 filter, 2.0 ml receiver

Varenummer: 3-321-20-0


Tube SC 0.8 ml filter tube, GN-F2 filter, 2,0 ml receiver tube, clear, 2 x 100

SC Spin Column System:
Spin column system – consisting of 0.8 ml filter tube (round bottom design) equipped with corresponding filter (see filter options below) and 1.5 ml or 2.0 ml receiver tube.
Elimination of contamination and loss of sample – high quality raw material meets standards of purity and is highly resistant to extreme mechanical strain and has an excellent chemical resistance.
Centrifuge specifications:
up to 25.000 x g – fixed -angle rotor
up to 30.000 x g swing out rotor

Filter options:
SC – Spin Column System
FP – Microfilterplate system

Glasfiber /GF) filter characteristics – recommended for the purifications of DNA and RNA / prefiltering of dirty solutions/rapid flow rate and high particle loading capacity – SC or FP
Nylon filter characteristics – 
recommended for filtering protein-free culture media / recommended for particle removing / hydrophilic / good chemical resistance – FP
Cellulose acetate (CA) filter characteristics – very low binding affinity / recommended for application requiring low protein binding / high flow rates / very low adsorption / hydrophobic – SC or FP
Regenerated cellulose (RC) filter characteristics – suitable for particle removal  from solvents / used to ultraclean solutions / hydrophilic / very good chemical resistance – SC or FP
Polyethylene (PE) filter
characteristic – suitable for particle-removing coarse filtration / can be used both as a prefilter or as support filter in combination with other filters / hydrophobic / very good chemical resistance – SC or FP
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) filer characteristics – used in general filtration and sample preparation applications / hydrophilic / low binding affinity / broad chemical and temperature resistance / high flow rates – SC or FP

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SC 0.8 ml filter tube, GF-N2 filter, 2.0 ml receiver tube