TurboCycler 2 (PCR) – gradient med WI-FI module

Varenummer: TCST-9622


TurboCycler 2 (PCR) with 96-well Sample Block – gradient med WI-FI module

TurboCycler 2 is designed specifically to enhance PCR efficiency and accuracy. It is equipped with a 7″ capacitive touchscreen and a friendly graphics user interface, which makes operation highly intuitive.

With fast ramping rate and gradient PCR optimization, TurboCycler 2 greatly improves PCR processing efficiency and accuracy. The optional Wi-Fi module enables users to monitor the working status anytime via mobile devices.

The Wi-Fi modules allows monitoring PCR run status anytime via mobile devices using the free TurboApp.

The compact A-4 footprint allows side-by-side placement of units to save bench-top space.

Easy-to-operate heated lid design compatible with most of the PCR vessels on the market.

The built-in tools allow easy Tm calculation, copy number conversion and master mix preparation

Outstanding Performance:
Fast ramping rate up to 5.5°C/sec.
Excellent temperatur accuracy and uniformity (±0.3°C)
12-section gradient temperature range from 1 to 24.9°C for PCR optimization)
The quick boot-up takes only 45 seconds



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Vægt 9.5 kg
Størrelse 22.5 × 24.5 × 41.5 cm

1 stk.

Produkt Type

Model (instrument)

TurboCycler 2







Block Temperature:
Block Temperature Range: 4.0 – 99.9°C
Max. Heating Rate: 5.5°C/sec
Max Cooling Rate: 3.3°C/sec
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3°C
Temperature Uniformity Across Block: ±0.3°C
Gradient Temperature:
Gradient Direction: Horizontalt across the block
Gradient Temperature Range: 30-99°C
Gradient Temperature Difference: Max. span 24.9°C
Portability of Protocols: Save and transfer to computer via USB flash drive
Stored Program No.: > 500 sets
Display: 7¨color LCD with capacitive touch panel
Data Port: 1 USB Type A front port for USB flash drive
Sample Block:
Compatible with regular profile or low profile 0.2 ml PCR tube, strip, non-skirted, semi-skirted and full-skirted 96-well plate.

TurboCycler 2 Operation Manual

TurboCycler 2 Quick guide